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Men's Health Awareness

It is now the month of June, everyone! Speaking of June, did you know this month is Men's Health Awareness Month? This month is all about encouraging the men in our lives to take total control of their physical and mental health to sustain a long active life. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, boys and men in the United States experience poorer health than women. Did you also know that men are two times less likely to use preventative health care services than women?

It is super important to utilize any health care service that is available in order to stay in control of your health for as long as possible. Our team at Sheltering Arms Independent Case Management Agency can positively assist you in the maintenance of your well-being. Contact us at (844) 811-2767 if you would like us to help you maintain a healthy long future!

~Thank You for Choosing Sheltering Arms. Your Every Need is our Priority~

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