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Hurricane Safety and Preparedness

As a Case Management Agency it is our job to keep you, as our clients, safe and prepared for when a Hurricane impacts your area.

Have An Evacuation Plan

It is important to have a plan to get you and your family to safety in the event that a hurricane is heading your way, especially if you're dependent on medical devices that require electricity.


Emergency Checklist

Not everyone wants to pick up and leave for a storm. So we've compiled a checklist of all of the important thing to have on you whether you choose to stay or leave!

#1: Emergency family contacts

#2: Your support Coordinator's number

#3: Flashlights

#4: Batteries 

#5: First Aid kit

#6: Cordless Radio

#7: Cases of fresh water

#8: Nonperishable foods

#9: Medical I.D. card or bracelet

#10: Driver's License or I.D

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