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Your Every Need is Our Priority

Sheltering Arms Independent Case Management Agency, LLC. is stationed fittingly in the heart of Lafayette, Louisiana. Why do I say this, you might ask? Because never have I seen a case management agency with as much heart as Sheltering Arms. The ladies here take your care to heart, gearing a plan of care that is centered around YOU, with your every need in mind. They truly live up to their slogan “Your Every Need Is Our Priority”.

Spearheaded by Gabrielle Armstrong, the owner and CEO of the company, Sheltering Arms is on its way to being among the best in the city of Lafayette. Gabrielle is one of the kindest, most compassionate people that I’ve ever worked for. She started this company to provide care to those with developmental disabilities who otherwise can’t do for themselves, coaching a team to provide services to and to advocate for them all. She has such a passion for this line of work that is refreshing to see in the healthcare industry. I’ve seen that with my own two eyes in the near 6 months that I’ve been working here. She encourages and inspires her employees every single day.

The primary services that Sheltering Arms Independent Case Management Agency, LLC. provides is “Support Coordination”. As in, we find services and resources for our participants to ensure that they have the best possible quality of life. What sets us apart from other agencies is that we are an honest company that delivers projects on time. What drives us all ranges from wanting to understand our participants’ needs and expectations to wanting to be a voice for those who don’t have one.

We work with Day Habilitation programs, Home Health Agencies, and Prevocational Programs- whoever has our participants best interest at heart. We only provide the very best service to our participants.

As a whole, we are a company of locals who want nothing more than to ensure that everyone gets a chance to live their very best lives despite their physical or mental limitations.

Be sure to visit our website to get updates on our news letters and events, as well as our facebook page for any announcements pertaining to the site! We look forward to serving you.

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