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Tips for Mardi Gras 2023

Mardi Gras season is finally here! It's time to finally purchase and indulge in those mouthwatering and delicious King Cakes, and let loose and have a great time! Did you know that if you are the person that discovers the tiny plastic baby figure in a king cake, that you have to purchase the next king cake or throw a party? The fun never stops with this tradition!

But with fun, that comes with being extra considerate about our own health and safety. Keep reading along to discover some super helpful tips to guarantee you have a great Mardi Gras holiday.

  1. Plan Ahead. See what days and times you are able to attend a Mardi Gras Parade. Then go to that location a few days early to stake out the parade route and take note of handicapped accessible areas and restrooms. When the day of the parades actually comes, you will already know where you need to be settled with your essentials.

  2. Gather Your Essentials. Necessary essentials such as a weighted blanket or sunglasses in case the parade floats are too bright important to utilize to prevent being overstimulated. Make sure to pack snacks, beverages, toiletry items (Sanitary wipes, hand sanitizer, etc.) since the surrounding area to purchase food will most likely be inaccessible due to parade traffic. It is definitely important to have a folded chair to sit down in as well.

  3. HAVE FUN! Be responsible if you choose to drink alcoholic beverages, and have a designated driver. If everyone in your group is physically impaired due to having too much fun, please consider using Uber or Lyft for safe transportation. However, keep in mind, transportation fees may be pricier due to multiple people needing Uber/Lyft at one time.

If you would like to view a list of the Mardi Gras parades that are taking place this year, click this link:

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