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Spring is Approaching!

Dial forward those clocks and start preparing for Spring! The weather is getting warmer, the beautiful flowers and plants are growing. Do you have any Spring Season goals or plans? We at Sheltering Arms can give you some ideas or suggestions!

  1. Spring Cleaning- go through your wardrobe and donate any clothing or items you no longer wish to keep to GoodWill or any donation centers. To make spring cleaning easier, choose to clean one room or closet every Saturday for example. That way you do not get overwhelmed.

  2. Gardening- There's absolutely nothing wrong with taking on a hobby to improve the quality of life. Planting some sunflower seeds or daffodils and using gardening as a hobby can really help improve areas of physical and mental health.

  3. Outdoor Activity- Since the weather is getting warmer, doing things like having a picnic or visiting the local park is such a good idea. Moncus Park in Lafayette, LA is one of the best handicapped accessible parks with the most breathtaking views. Did you know every Friday in Moncus Park, there's lots of food trucks lined up for all of your hunger needs? No need to even go through the hassle of putting a picnic together. Go check it out!

In conclusion, the Spring season is the most ideal time to re-evaluate the goals you set in place at the beginning of the year (Remember those New Year resolutions at the start of 2023?) and change your life a little. The increasing daylight should give you more energy to get organized.

With that being said, make sure to stay super hydrated and put on sunscreen everyday now that the sun is going to be out more!

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