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Back To School Is Coming Soon!

With summer vacation winding down and coming to an end, and schools gearing up to start off the new academic year perhaps it may be time to start getting those vital essentials BEFORE the school supply rush. I, myself, went ahead and ordered essentials that I knew that I would need back in June for it to be delivered throughout the month of July so that I was SURE that I was prepared. With primary and secondary schools that's a lot easier said than done, however, with each teacher for each grade has their own personal list and agenda. The handy dandy website for your child's school will be your best friend in this case. But just in case you don't WANT to wait for that list to come up and you want to get a head start like I did, here are some of the things that I focused on getting:

A sturdy, fashionable backpack.

Every kid wants to be able to express themselves and with school dress codes getting stricter in some schools, that can be tricky. For example: most schools now require students to have transparent backpacks. In this case a cute charm from Claire's to hang from the zipper will suffice. But in the event that your school doesn't require the transparent bag, I'd say go all out and express yourself! They have tons of themes to go off on for your little one, and if you're like my generation was in middle school- a sharpie on a blank jansport will do the trick just as effectively!

Loose leaf Paper.

From experience I can tell you that you can never have enough loose leaf paper. Ever. I stocked up when I ordered my binders and such, but inevitably opted to do 5-subject notebooks just because it would make note taking easier on me with textbooks and such on a desk. If your child is in elementary school, chances are they will require folders.

Pencils and Pens

This is another necessity that you can not have enough of. I can't tell you how many pens and pencils I lose or use in a week, and it doesn't hurt to have a handful at a time in your backpack as well as packs stashed away at home for an emergency.

That's all I've got for this segment, but stay tuned for more updates on other topics and happy hunting!

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