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Back 2 School

  • Get your child involved in back to school preparations. Allow them to shop with you, either in store or online, so that they can choose their materials (and feel more engaged).

  • Ease them into a new sleep routine. Encourage your child to go to bed at the time they will need to adjust to when school starts. This can be done gradually, having them go to bed a few minutes earlier each night. Discourage the use of phones, tablets, or laptops 30 minutes before bed, and instead encourage them to do a more relaxing activity.

  • Encourage your child to express how they feel about the new school year. Invite them to consider the positive or negative thoughts and feelings they may have about returning to school. If your child doesn’t feel comfortable talking about their feelings, encourage them to draw, journal, or talk to you while playing a game.

  • Remind them that even though they may have some difficult moments adjusting to the new year, they have the ability to get through the tough moments! Brainstorm ways that they can take a break or ask for help during the school day (e.g., ask to get water or go to the bathroom, ask the teacher for help). Consider writing or drawing the strategies on a small note card which your child can keep in their backpack.

  • Reach out to your child’s new teacher. If the teacher is available, allow your child to meet their new teacher before the first day of school. This allows your child to ask their teacher questions they might be too nervous to ask in a classroom setting and lets them build a relationship with the teacher in advance.

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